Positionality Statement

I position myself as White, non-binary, pansexual, queer, physically enabled, and male. The home I grew up in and regions I currently reside in are Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic contexts (cf. Arnett, 2008). While there are layers of additional meaning and further nuance within and beyond each of these terms, this set is roughly "good enough" to get us close.

I apply positivist and interpretivist epistemological approaches to my scholarship, often in conjunction with one another. Both prove valuable to me and (I believe) to society: quantifying and optimizing toward social betterment benefit from their integration with intersectional, feminist, critical, and participatory perspectives, as do the latter benefit from the synthetic abilities of the former, particularly related to complexity. If you spend more than five minutes around me, you're certain to hear me say "Everything is a balance. Except for that Statement."

More on positionality statements: Rose (1997), Bourke (2014), Atewologun & Mahalingam (2018)